At INDustrial Health, we are Dedicated to the Case Resolution of the Injured Worker.


Unlike other rehabilitation services, we exclusively work with worker’s compensation cases and adhere to the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) set forth by the Work Loss Data Institute. The ODG provides the most up-to-date evidence-based medical treatment and rehabilitation timetables used to determine disability duration guidelines.

Our systematic approach progresses the injured worker through the stages of rehabilitation using objective clinical measures, not solely based on subjective pain ratings.

We offer the following services specifically designed to achieve case resolution.

INDustrial Health specializes in reintroducing each injured worker to full or modified work levels. Our custom-built facility is designed with the injured worker in mind. Every plan utilizes simulations and physical conditioning to restore workers’ functionality.

Our innovative program serves Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas, allowing our highly trained staff to coordinate care with case managers, physicians and patients.

A Joint Venture: INOVA + Industrial Rehabilitation Services