Testimonials – Bob Marcou recently completed his work hardening program at the Warrenton location. Hear what he has to say!




Definitely Worth It!!!

I was referred to Industrial Health after a work place injury lead to shoulder surgery. I lost strength and stamina sitting on my couch to recover; the extra goodies I was eating didn’t help. The staff at Industrial Health slowly worked with me to build up my energy, and muscles. I never felt like I was being pushed beyond my current capacity. This was most definitely not torturous. Best of all, after 4 weeks I feel ready to go back to work and have no fear that my work day will result in unbearable pain. Industrial Health tailored the activities to my specific job description and  I actually had fun. The facility is large, airy and clean. I cannot praise the team there enough. They were always positive and encouraging and I never felt judged. That is important, because being on worker’s comp, can be a daunting and somewhat humbling experience, with a lot of hoops to jump through. I highly recommend Industrial Health. I love those guys!!!