Industrial Health’s highly specialized Work Hardening and Work Conditioning programs break individuals from the “patient role” and allow them to transition back into the “worker role.”

Work Hardening

pic_conditioningWork Hardening provides a transition between a worker’s short-term care and his or her return to work while addressing the issues of productivity, safety, physical tolerances and work behaviors.  An FCE helps to determine the feasibility of Work Hardening.

Our Work Hardening program typically begins with two to four hour treatments five days a week and gradually progresses to eight hours a day. Lastly, an exit FCE can assist in defining the final step to case resolution.

Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning is a treatment program in which the injured worker participates up to four hours a day, three to five days a week. Work Conditioning focuses on restoring a worker’s functionality, incorporating job simulation through strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness training. Typically, a discharge from Work Conditioning leads to the worker’s immediate return to work.